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Each service is conducted in a clean, comfortable and private room. The goal in every service is to offer you the best waxing experience possible, in a safe and comfortable environment. Regardless of who you are or what you look like, Haley is here to help with removing unwanted hairs. From head-to-toe she's got you covered, you'll feel silky smooth in no time. She also believes in equality and keeping things simple, so all service prices are the same for everyone!

 (Review "Waxing Tips" below)*


Tinting solutions are gentle all-natural ingredients specially formulated for lashes and brows. Contains no coal, tar, or other prohibited materials. The patented formulation guarantees high quality, long-lasting results. Great for athletes, swimmers, special occasions or those looking to accentuate their natural brow/lash hairs for a low cost, time saving routine. Results last 3-4 weeks. No specific home care or restrictions are required. 

Lash Lift

Wake up with flawless lashes! Lash Lift/Perm is a quick, easy and safe way to curl your natural lashes with results that last up to 8 weeks! Toss your eyelash curler and save your time with a get up and go, low-maintenance, luscious beautiful curl. No mascara required making it ideal for those with sensitive eyes, athletes and swimmers, especially when paired with a Lash Tint. For a more dramatic going out look without extensions feel free to layer on some mascara, giving your eyes an extra wow factor! You will love the look and so will anyone you bat those lashes at.

Lash Lift Aftercare Requirement:
Within the first 24 hours after receiving Lash Lift treatment - NO washing, NO steam (including cooking over boiling water), NO swimming, NO sweating. NO mascara or lash serum. Do not touch or sleep on lashes.
After 24 hours - you may wash and care for lashes as normal. Apply a conditioning serum or oil 1-3 times per week, Lira iLluminating Oil is my favorite and available for purchase at Skin Fitness Studio.

Waxing Tips*:

  • Waxed hair grows back smooth and fine, unlike the stubble that shaving causes. Each time you wax, the follicle weakens and can eventually die, leaving you with less hair. Waxing also lasts significantly longer than other forms of hair removal methods. Waxing does not cause hair to grow back darker or thicker. Most see a 30% reduction in hair growth after the first few appointments.
  • For best results, the area getting waxed needs to have hair that's 1/4 - 1/2" length (medium grain of rice), approximately 2-3 weeks since last shave. If hair is too short you will be asked to reschedule another appointment, which means you are charged for that days appointment as well. So please, for all of us, plan ahead and make sure that you have not shaved or tweezed that area for 2-3 weeks.
  • Most wax results last 3-6 weeks. The area being waxed may not necessarily be completely smooth the first few times, while some clients are super smooth after their first waxing. However, it is common that after the first 2 or 3 waxings you may feel a wee bit of stubble. NO shaving, tweezing or waxing between visits. This will cause the hair growth to be in different cycles, we want to was when all the hair is on the same cycle.
  • Day of wax, wear loose, comfortable clothing. The area getting waxed needs to breathe, nothing too tight or white is recommended. Sometimes you will have little blood drops. This is nothing to be concerned about, the hair was simply attached to its food source which is blood.
  • Take an ibuprofen or Tylenol 30 minutes before appointment if pain is a concern.
  • Sometimes there can be a noticeable histamine reaction with waxing. It's suggested to take one famotadine (pepcid) tablet before waxing appointments. This is technically designed for relieving heartburn and stomach acids but it is also a non drowsy antihistamine like Benadryl WITHOUT the drowsiness. Ask your doctor if they approve of you taking this based on your medical history.
  • Limit caffeine intake, and no alcohol before wax appointment. Stay hydrated with water. 
  • If menstruating, please wear a Diva Cup or Tampon during Bikini/Zilian Waxing.
  • If pregnant or within a week of menstruating, skin sensitivity will be heightened.
  • At every appointment, please disclose the use of medications and products used regularly to prevent skin irritation and contraindications.
  • Post wax after care instructions and product recommendations will be given to you after first appointment. Choosing not to participate in proper home care will not yield optimal results.
  • Do not pick, tweeze, pluck, scratch your skin or any remaining hairs after an appointment.
  • Avoid sweating, working out, swimming, steam/saunas, hot tubs, direct sun exposure, tanning beds, sexual activities for 12 to 24 hours post wax appointment. This will reduce skin sensitivity, and ingrown hairs.
  • Some people get ingrown hairs no matter what type of hair removal they choose. Regular use of recommended home care will help make it go away faster. An ingrown hair treatment is available at an additional charge during a wax appointment. 
  • There is a strict "no funny business" policy when it comes to any service, especially waxing. This is a professional establishment providing clientele with professional skin care and hair removal services. Please, respect that. Do NOT take Viagra or any other ED medication, and do NOT will yourself to have an erection. No inappropriate comments, noises, behavior is tolerated. If at any point a client is deemed inappropriate the service will end immediately, charged in full and asked to never return.
  • Those with penile genital can and most likely get a form of erection. With that said, that is still considered natural and normal behavior typically due to nerves, along with friction and warmth of wax being applied. Don't sweat it! 
  • If any issues occur at any time after an appointment you must contact Skin Fitness Studio immediately

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