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Meet Haley!

Haley Blevins, owner and sole operator of Skin Fitness Studio. A dual Liicensed Nail Technician and Esthetician, aka personal trainer for your skin with over 10 years experience specializes in full body waxing, nail care (mani/pedi maintenance), preventative and corrective skin care for ALL. She takes pride in helping boost confidence from the inside out by customizing every appointment using high quality clinical strength ingredients, extensive education, compassion and understanding.

Skin care is not a hobby for Haley, this is a wonderful career that's a passion for helping others find comfort and increase self-esteem. A big heart for all living beings, a pet mom to four dogs (Smokey, Sassafras, Mia, Bud); one cat (Kiki); and one bearded dragon (Sigourney). All rescued, and three foster fails. Out of the career options other than Esthetics, Haley would enjoy psychology or anything involving animal rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation.

Thanks to her early introduction to professional skin care after learning about the world of Esthetics from her personal struggle with acne and unwanted hair issues she graduated from Academy of Aesthetic Arts in 2008 for Esthetics, and Xenon International Academy in 2009 with highest GPA award for Nail Technology. During her 10+ year Esthetic career Haley has traveled, attended, and completed many educational seminars and continuing education trainings where she's received various certifications. She is always looking to grow and learn more as the beauty and wellness industry is always evolving. This way she can continue to stay current and educated to provide the best professional recommendations at all times.

Since middle school she knew her true path was to become an Esthetician and had a goal of one day owning her own skin care studio. That dream became a reality when she opened Skin Fitness Studio in 2016. She's always networking and working on her personal and professional growth. In her free time she spends time with her husband, family, friends and volunteers for various animal rescue groups in the KC area. Her favorite activities include walking local trails, attending WERQ and Barre workout classes, swimming, and watching Harry Potter or monster movies. Mediterranean food makes her heart happy and taste buds dance. 

Health and wellness is a journey, it's never too late to start improving yourself from the inside out. Every person that comes into Skin Fitness Studio has a different need so every treatment is designed to be fully customizable. 

"Everyone is unique and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding. I am accepting of all, regardless of size, gender, race, political views, personality quirks, and lifestyle. I don't judge. My hope is to help relieve stress and anxiety from your already hectic life. If I can boost someone's self-esteem by removing unwanted hair, blemishes, or help them feel comfortable and cared for then that gives me the ultimate satisfaction that I helped. Whatever your focus is, I invite everyone to take the next step in their journey by reserving some self-care time with me at Skin Fitness Studio." -Haley B.


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